With an impressive Olympic medal history, champion mindset and world-renowned reputation for excellence across-the-board in all of our fitness programs – from team sports and personal training to group classes and nutritional expertise – the athletic offerings at Arden Hills are simply unparalleled in the region. What initially began as a swim and tennis club has blossomed into a specialized high-performance center designed for all ages and fitness levels. In addition to a coveted and elite team of highly qualified coaches, trainers and fitness experts, Arden Hills offers a distinctive, 50,000-square foot fitness facility and a state-of-the-art in-house recovery room with cutting edge technology, tools and equipment typically available only to professional athletes. Arden Hills Members have access to superior training, tools, and technology all designed to increase athletic performance customized to any sport, reduce injuries and speed post-workout recovery. Arden Hills athletic offerings are perfect for individuals who aspire to achieve their greatest athletic potential possible.


Since Arden Hills first opened in 1954, the Club has constantly been growing and evolving to become the standard by which all other clubs are measured. When it comes to athletics, our philosophy is focused on much more than just a well-equipped gym. We help individuals become something more than they are now. It’s this drive that has created the shocking breadth of services offered to those looking to advance their goals. We already provide our members with elite services and resources similar to what is found at a college level athletic facility – localized cryotherapy, Kinesio Taping, cold laser therapy, customized and results-focused personal training, sport-specific training, chiropractic care, ultrasound, and more – all overseen by credentialed, top-notch staff. We’ve raised the bar while simultaneously making our high-performance tools easier to attain in a more social atmosphere.

Adult Athletics

Adult athletes at Arden Hills compete and participate in events around the world including everything from climbing Mt. Everest to swimming the English Channel. They compete in Iron Man competitions, island-to-island races in Hawaii, open water races around the world, national adult prize winning tournaments and many others. In addition, our accomplished adult athletes have competed in the NBA, NFL, MLB and the PGA.

Competitive Sports


Arden Hills has an impressive swim history and has trained an amazing number of world champion swimmers since opening in 1954. In fact, athletes that have trained at Arden Hills have collectively set more than 200 world and American records, earned 31 Olympic medals; 21 gold, seven of which were won by legendary swimmer Mark Spitz. Get started on the path to achieve your goals at Arden Hills today!

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With more than 15 years of experience in teaching youth tennis, JMG Academy at Arden Hills has a impressive reputation for helping talented junior players reach their potential. Under the leadership of coach Gilbert, JMG Tennis Academy began in Sacramento and was immediately recognized as a program for best junior players in the country to learn, progress, train and compete with each other.

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Whether you are interested in making new friends, or taking your athletic abilities to the next level, Arden Hills has the path for you to accomplish your goals. Click below to schedule a tour with a Concierge representative and put yourself on the path to become more.

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From the very beginning — more than six decades ago — Arden Hills very quickly and naturally evolved into a popular community gathering place where families, friends, neighbors and those with similar interests came together to connect on a social level.

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