Athletics at Arden Hills

Whether you’re looking for team sports, group exercise, personal training or even nutritional education and counseling to improve athletic performance, look no further than Arden Hills. With a hard-earned reputation for training world class athletes, find out how you can benefit by our unparalleled team of trainers, coaches and fitness experts at Arden Hills.



In 1954, Arden Hills opened under the single proprietorship of the late Sherm Chavoor. From its very inception, this private club on the outskirts of Sacramento, set out to establish itself as a world class training facility, but what occurred over the next six decades soared far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Arden Hills athletes have produced 33 Olympic medals (22 Gold medals), and set more than 200 World and American Records. Arden Hills has had at least 58 Olympic Trial Qualifiers, and Arden Hills’ athletes have earned literally hundreds of collegiate athletic scholarships. In addition Arden Hills’ athletes have appeared on the cover of Life Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine and many others.

In the world of Swimming, Arden Hills is a legend. Most countries have not amassed the amazing legacy of Olympic medals and World records that have come from athletes who have trained at Arden Hills such as: Mark Spitz, Debbie Meyer and Mike Burton. Arden Hills has been represented by its athletes in nine out of the last 13 US Olympic Trials including five in 2008, five in 2012 and with an expected six to 10 in 2016.

In 2013, a JMG Academy at Arden Hills athlete became the first unseeded Player in 71 years to win the National Championship, which earned him a wild card to the US Open. During 2014-15 JMG had the #1 college recruit in the nation. JMG athletes have won the Pac Twelve individual doubles championship, three national championships from ages 8-18, three national championships from ages 8 to 18, and consistently have top five collegiate recruits.

Adult athletes at Arden Hills compete and participate in events around the world including everything from climbing Mt. Everest to swimming the English Channel. They compete in Iron Man competitions, island-to-island races in Hawaii, open water races around the world, national adult prize winning tournaments and many others. In addition, our accomplished adult athletes have competed in the NBA, MLB and the PGA.

Tens of thousands have used our experience, gained from a heritage of excellence, to become something more. At Arden Hills you have everything you need.