Arden Hills Swimming

Our Programs

For more than 60 years, Arden Hills has remained dedicated and committed to nurturing, training and developing athletic champions. Hundreds of Tennis, Swimming, and athletes of every kind have achieved such an astounding level of success as a result of their dedication (and the innovative training methods and facilities at Arden Hills) that it would seem beyond belief if it were not a documented fact. US teams across the country have gradually moved to a model that values numbers more than results. In the Arden Hills swimming program, each progressive step will focus on fewer and fewer athletes. Swimmers who enter in at the recreational level can, if they choose, graduate through a series of increasingly rewarding and intensifying programs (Otters → Fall → USA Swimming → Elite Swim Academy) gradually exchanging fun and comradery for dedication and results. Though this is diametrically opposite of what virtually all other teams in the nation are doing, Arden Hills has always been and will continue be the innovators that redefine what it means to BECOME a champion in the world of swimming.

Our History

In 1954, the Arden Hills Swim and Tennis Club opened under the single proprietorship of the late Sherm Chavoor, offering simple tennis and swimming facilities for members and an area training center for competitive swimmers. What occurred in the next three decades soared far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Sherm Chavoor was a very rare individual. He had the ability to make anyone believe that they could be a champion through sheer determination and hard work. Sherm was able to take all the neighborhood children inspire them and turn them into champions. His program grew and with the likes of triple gold medalists, Debbie Meyer and Mike Burton along with several other Olympic greats, its reputation proceeded. It received the attention of 18-year-old swimmer, Mark Spitz who wanted the opportunity to train under the leadership of Sherm. Through Sherm’s rigorous workouts and one of a kind coaching style, he lead his swimmers on a path towards excellence. Over the next three decades, Arden Hills earned a combined total of 31 Olympic medals (21 Gold medals) and set more than 200 world and American records, creating a dynasty that few clubs have equaled in the world of competitive swimming.

In 1985, Sherm was ready to retire having left a tremendous mark on the world, the local community and all of his swimmers. The Favero family, who had been inspired by the illustrious coach purchased the club and embarked upon an aggressive redevelopment process designed to dramatically expand the scope of the club’s facilities. In 1998, the club unveiled a spectacular new 50-meter pool. The Olympic-sized training pool fulfilled a design envisioned by Coach Chavoor and was completed just six years after his death in October 1992.

Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa as it stands today boasts over half a century of history and excellence. Beginning as a small swim and tennis club with a world-renowned swim program Arden Hills has grown into an expansive facility providing a multidimensional resort to its members. The Club has built upon the history, the community, and the transformational qualities that were the foundation of Arden Hills, keeping the heritage of Arden Hills Swimming alive and thriving!